WinGa App Real or Fake? WinGa App Payment Proof | winga app real or fake

WinGa App Real or Fake Full review

WinGa app is a leading free money app that allow users to win loyalty points, rewards and earn cash in Paytm money wallet effortlessly.

Simple install WinGa app on your mobile device and play games, watch videos & answer survey to earn loyalty points which can be converted to real money and is deposited directly to your Paytm Wallet.

WinGa App Real or Fake? WinGa App Payment Proof | winga app real or fake

Win money anytime, anywhere, simply by installing WinGa for free. We are the most reliable rewards app with features that allow user to earn money daily. Earn up to 500 🙂 with referrals. WinGa app is the best money earning app.

Playing First Game – 250 Points
Refer your Friend – 500 Points
Daily Lucky Tip – 500 Points

WinGa is gaming and reward platform, where user can watch ads, interact with brands, play games, answer quizzes, provide feedback via Surveys & win real cash & exciting vouchers.

You can Win Loyalty points & Rewards by watching our Videos. Loads of Gifts awaiting for you. Download & participate in WinGa app.

Why to miss Innovation with precise and transparent analytics

  • We provide 100% viewership and high brand re-call value through “WinGa”
  • WinGa never force your advertisement to be seen rather makes it very exciting to watch.
  • An advertisement is not just seen but feel and remembered. WinGa understand it quite well. We have innovated new ways of Ad campaigns and with high user engagement. This will ensure not only precise reach but also better and high re-call value.
  • Through continuous quest to improve innovate and excite stake holders of brand promotion and publishers, WinGa encapsulated next level intelligence in making Ad to reach targeted audience and gain advantage of 100% viewership and better re-call.

How to download WINGA APP

1. Download the Winga app.

2. Install and Open the app.

3. Choose Language and press continue.

4. Click on Register option.

5. Enter mobile number and press Generate OTP button.

6. You will receive OTP verify your number with OTP.

7. Now Enter your details and Referral Code.

8. Enter Winga Referral Code STGIN4 and click Next.

9. Create Password by Entering Password and press register button.

10. Press continue to watch the small tutorial of 5-6 slides of pictures.

11. Press Skip or Next until last picture.

12. Click on Let’s start.

13. A video will play and you will be asked a question after the video finished.

14. Click on Answer the Question.

15. Choose your option and Click on Submit button.

16. If you answer will right then you will get 250 Points like i got.

17. You are on your dashboard now

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