Unitrend app real or fake complete review and details

Unitrend app real or fake complete review and details?

Traders on Unitrend App can access the powerful trading platform in many ways through the web and mobile versions. The features include:

Trading tools and charts: The trading platform is equipped with many technical indicators and widgets such as “Other traders”, “News”, and”MA line or K-line chart “. Traders can trade directly from their charts with Unitrend App. Switching between different charts is also easy, the platform allows choosing from different asset types.

Unitrend app real or fake complete review and details

Available 13 Assets Unitrend app real or fake

Many online brokers require traders to use the underlying assets as margin to enter different markets. For example, if you do not have crypto, you cannot trade in the crypto market. If you want to trade forex and crypto at the same time, the process will become very complicated. For traders who want to trade in multiple-markets but only hold a small amount of assets, this can be very frustrating.

Unitrend app introduced INR-based trading, allowing traders to always use INR to trade in 13 mainstream markets (including currency, crypto, Metal, index, etc.). Another benefit of this setting is that the Indian rupee, as the fiat currency in the investment field, provides traders with a safe haven and reduces the risk of price fluctuations when traders are not trading.

Low Deposit To Start unitrend app

Unitrend App is committed to focusing on lowering barriers for its users. The minimum deposit set as Rs.100, which is lower than the industry standard of 10 USD, and minimum investment set as Rs.20. If you are a cautious person, Unitrend App offers traders a risk-free demo account of virtual funds Rs.10,000 to practice. As a beginner, more practice means more opportunity to develop market perception and trading skills.

 Unitrend App Fee

There is no need to worry about transaction fees because deposits and transactions on Unitrend App are zero fees. Apart from paying a tax ratio(20% or so depending on the real-time market)on profits, you need to consider the fees for making withdrawals. The usual currency conversion fee is 4% of your withdrawal fund, charged by bank or payment channel. Unitrend app enables your withdrawal to PayTM, PayU or any Indian bank card.

The withdrawal review of the unitrend app is very fast. The process of withdrawal to the bank card usually takes 1-3 workdays, because the bank needs to review the legality of the funds.

Unitrend App Customer Support

A strong and agile customer support is fundamental. Unitrend App opens multiple communication channels for Indian clients to get necessary assistance : 24/7 online live chat, submit tickets, contact directly via email and telegram.

Unitrend App Referral Program

Like most of the trading platforms, Unitrend App is also featured with a referral program which offers a bonus up to Rs.20 for each qualified user. Additionally, the qualified user needs to Log in, deposit and trade once in Unitrend without using rewards before.

Is Unitrend App Real or fake?

Today, this well-established broker processes more than 7,900,000 trades per month. Like many countries in the world, Unitrend App now plays an important role in mobile trading in India as well.

And many traders in India are interested in trading on Unitrend app, but most of them do not know if it is possible. Anyway,Unitrend is accepting Traders from India!

Unitrend App has a mobile app that offers users a chance to track market data and monitor their trades any time, anywhere

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