Top 5+ BEST Video Compressor in 2021 free || How to compress video files without losing quality

Top 5+ BEST Video Compressor in 2021 free

What is a video compressor?

Video compressors are the application that can reduce the size of clips. It is used to encode digital content. This tool supports popular video file formats like MOV, MP4, FLV, and more. Many such programs enable you to easily share the digital content on social media sites.

1) BlazeMedia Pro

BlazeMedia Pro is a program that lets you compress video files including, AVI, WMV, and MPEG. This application provides a preview before reducing the size of the media file.


The tool offer option for customization.

You can change the quality ratio of the clip with ease.

It is fast and easy to use.

The tool enables you to compress the entire list of videos at once.

You can set start time and end time of clip without any hassle.


2) Video Compress

Video Compress is a tool for Android that enables you to compress and save video files. It offers a friendly and fast interface. This application helps you to easily share clips on Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.


It supports all media formats.

You can create videos.

The program enables you to extract subtitles from videos.

It allows you to remove audio from the video.

You can manage videos with ease.

Video Compress enables you to reduce the size of a video with the high, normal, and low video quality.



PS2PDF is a free cloud-based video compressor. It enables you to reduce the size of MP4 files. This tool allows you to reduce the size of clips by percentage.


You can select a video from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Computer.

It can keep the original copy video before compressing.

This online application offers a user-friendly interface.

You can drag and drop files to decrease the size of the video.


4) VideoSolo Video Converter

VideoSolo Video Converter is a program for compressing video according to your need. It enables you to edit the metadata like title, year, artist, and more. The tool helps you to adjust the compress ratio or video with any size.


It enables you to edit the video before you compress it.

Compress and save the video to hard disk with ease.

It allows you to shrink video of MOV, MP4, MKV, and AVI.

The supported operating system is Windows.


5) MiroVideoConverter

MiroVideoConverter is a tool to compress and convert video to MP4 and WebM (vp8). This application is available for iPhone, Android, iPad.


It enables you to compress video to correct size according to iPods, phone, and other media players

This application offers easy to use UI.

It is open source.

This tool supports drag and drop functionality.


6) Video Compressor

Video Compressor is a tool that enables you to reduce the video file size. It allows you to choose the output with ease. This online program enables you to compress video by size, quality, and bitrate.


You can set the resolution you like.

It enables you to drag and drop video files.

You can use this application without any installation or registration.

It offers an intuitive interface.


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