Moto Razr 5G specifications and more details about this phone


Motorola’s foldable phone Moto Razr 5G has a 6.2-inch HD + display, which is of 876 × 2124 pixels resolution.  Additionally, the device offers a 2.7-inch OLED QuickView display.  Using the Quick View display, users can use the full keyboard.  Along with this, users of navigation, music apps and other apps also get access to this display.


Moto Razr 5G smartphone prices have been cut.  The company recently reduced the prices of some of its smartphones.  Mumbai retailer Mahesh Telecom has said that the company has reduced the price of its foldable phone Moto Razr 5G.  The retailer claims that the company has reduced the price of this foldable smartphone by Rs 15,000.  Please tell that Motorola launched this smartphone in October last year.  The device was launched at a price of Rs 1,24,999.  After the deduction, users can buy this device at a price of Rs 1,09,999.  

This device comes with a water repellent design.  This device has been tested by flipping 2 lakh times.  The phone gets a custom protective coating, which protects the device from scratch.  However, on e-commerce website Flipkart, this smartphone is still listed at the old price.  HDFC Bank is also getting offers on Moto Razr 5G.  10,000 rupees can be saved by purchasing the phone on credit card and EMI.

This smartphone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, which comes with the Adreni 620 GPU.  The phone works on the operating system based on Android 10.  Dual SIM support is available in the device.  Also, it has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.  The phone has a 48MP rear camera and a 20MP selfie camera.  This phone comes with 2800mAh battery and 15W fast charging support.

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