july elite pass free fire 2021|| free fire next elite pass season 38

 July elite pass free fire 2021 free fire next elite pass season 38

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Free Fire july Season 38 Elite Pass is official. The game publisher Garena has announced that Free Fire Season 38 Elite Pass is called Evil Enchanted. The Elite Pass has been released in the game today and you can get them right now. For those unaware about Free Fire, there is a new Elite Pass released in the game every month. This Elite Pass brings with it a series of rewards such as costumes and skins.
There are two paid versions of the Elite Pass available in Free Fire right now. Called Elite Pass and the Elite Bundle, these are available to purchase for 499 diamonds and 999 diamonds respectively. The Elite Pass can be described as a tier-based system where players can obtain exclusive rewards based on their performance. In order to earn the rewards, players must first win a specific number of badges by completing daily and weekly missions

The season 38 Elite Pass (S38 EP) of Free Fire is scheduled to release on July 1, 2021, and will be available in the game for the whole month of July. So it can also be called as July 2021 Elite Pass. Every month/ Season, Free Fire gets a Free Pass also with the Elite Pass. It brings some free average-quality items to the game for all players. So the Season 38 Free Pass will also release on July 1, 2021.

Season 38 Elite Pass Items/Rewards?

1. Sports Car – 0 Badges
2. UMP Skin – 10 Badges
3. Jacket – 15 Badges
4. Banner – 30 Badges
5. Avatar – 40 Badges
6. Female Bundle – 50 
7. Bat Skin – 80 Badges
8. Surfboard Skin – 100 Badges
9. Banner – 115 Badges
10. Grenade – 125 Badges
11. Loot Box Skin – 150 Badges
12. Backpack Skin – 200 Badges
13. Male Bundle
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