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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will be reintroduced

After the introduction of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy in January, it was strongly opposed worldwide. Users were beginning to shift to WhatsApp’s alternative messaging apps Signal and Telegram, seeing that WhatsApp had extended this privacy policy by May 15. First users had to accept the WhatsApp’s new privacy policy by February 8.

WhatsApp's new privacy policy will be reintroduced.
WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

According to the new information that is coming out now, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy  is preparing to bring this new privacy policy again. WhatsApp will once again roll out this new privacy policy for users in the coming few weeks. This time the privacy policy of WhatsApp will be brought with more detail so that there is no doubt about data privacy among users. This blog post of WhatsApp also says that the instant messaging app has also added new terms to the privacy policy released last month.

Full information will be given through banner

WhatsApp has made preparations for this updated WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. In the coming week, a banner related to this policy will be displayed for the users, in which complete information about it will be given. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has said in its blog that we are releasing information related to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy in more detail to eliminate any kind of skepticism among users. We will remind the users from time to time to review the privacy policy and accept the terms.

Users who will not accept this new updated privacy policy will not be able to use the WhatsApp instant messaging app in the coming days. According to the report, this WhatsApp’s new privacy policyof WhatsApp is a part of Facebook’s upcoming business plan in which the company will use the information of its three social media messaging platforms – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users for business.

Why is there a dispute?

In the WhatsApp Privacy Policy, which was rolled out in January, it was said that all the information of the WhatsApp user, including the user’s name, mobile number, mobile handset information, contacts, location, etc. will be shared with the companies owned by Facebook. Also, a lot of personal information, from the user’s private chats and more was shared about the Facebook companies and third party companies, which has angered users worldwide. However, later WhatsApp’s new privacy policy had made it clear that the things done on its platform would remain encrypted as before. Seeing the escalation of controversy, the company decided to extend this policy by May 15.

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