Whatsapp new security|whatsaap new update related to security

Whatsapp new security

WhatsApp is adding new features for security to its desktop and web apps.  WhatsApp users will now have to verify the account before linking their account on web or desktop.  The new WhatsApp feature will be rolled out globally for users in the coming weeks.

Whatsapp new security
Whatsapp new security

WhatsApp users on Android can use Face or fingerprint unlock to authenticate WhatsApp web or desktop.  IPhone users will have to use Face ID to verify their account.  This security verification will pop up whenever users link their WhatsApp account to a new laptop or PC.  With this, this process will be visible even before scanning the QR code from the phone.

WhatsApp is also updating the user interface for WhatsApp Web on its mobile apps.  In the new UI, the link to the + icon now appears as ‘link a device’.  However, this has not changed much because users can still see which devices their WhatsApp account is connected to and they can also unlink them.  The new WhatsApp web UI started appearing to beta users this month.

WhatsApp announced a new feature by releasing a release.  And assured the users that biometric authentication is safe.  WhatsApp said, ‘Face and fingerprint authentication on your device protects privacy, WhatsApp cannot access biometric information stored in your device’s operating system.’

Let us know that WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is facing criticism due to its updated privacy policy.  The new policy talks about sharing user data with Facebook.  However, WhatsApp has now extended the date of implementation of the new policy from February to July.  But users are constantly switching to apps like Signal and Telegram.

Apart from this, there have been reports for many months that WhatsApp is also working on the multi-device support feature.  This feature has been spotted many times.  This feature has also been seen in the new Link Device layout.  Currently, there is no official information regarding multi-device support.

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