WhatsApp New privacy Policy Update | WhatsApp New Update 2021 News

WhatsApp New Policy Update 

WhatsApp New Policy Update
WhatsApp New Policy Update

WhatsApp New Update 2021 News

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has introduced its new privacy policy (WhatsApp privacy policy 2021).  Under this new policy, users have to agree on the latest terms and conditions.  If users do not do this, then their account will be deleted.  The new privacy policy that the company has introduced, also explains how WhatsApp works with Facebook and Instagram and offers integration into the company.

Last date is 8 February 2021

WhatsApp has introduced a new policy, users will have to accept it by 8 February 2021. Indian users will have a popup of the new policy, which they will have to accept.  For this, if you tap on Agree, you will give your consent to the new policy of the company.  As we told you, this policy will come into effect from 8 February 2021.  If you have not agreed to the privacy policy till this date, then your WhatsApp account will be closed.  For more information, you can visit the company’s help center.

It is important to know the new policy of WhatsApp

Users’ WhatsApp details will be shared with Facebook

Details have been provided for sharing information under WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.  It states that in some way WhatsApp shares information with Facebook.  It was not in the earlier version.  The names of Facebook companies are also registered in third party service providers.  The company said in its blogpost, ‘Many businesses rely on WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and customers.  We work with businesses that use Facebook or third party to improve communication with you on WhatsApp. ‘For this, customers need to share transaction data, cell gadget info, IP deals and data. Will have to agree.

WhatsApp users’ consent required in new policy

Importance of WhatsApp for India

There are around two billion WhatsApp users globally and over 400 million people in India use WhatsApp.  In the Indian market itself, the company has launched WhatsApp payment service.  The company has so far received permission from Indian regulators to be with 20 million customers.  WhatsApp said that it will collect utilization and log-in information using robotic technology.  In addition, WhatsApp will also collect group information and profile photographs.  It also collects gadget, connection and placement information in addition to robots.

You should also read the privacy policy

WhatsApp New Policy Update
WhatsApp New Policy Update

WhatsApp has instructed the users through the blogpost to read the Enterprise Privacy Policy thoroughly, so that they can know how their information is processed.  It has also stated that this requires companies to act according to regulation when sharing any information with Facebook and different third party services suppliers.

The data sharing conversation between WhatsApp and Facebook went on for a long time.  In 2018, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) directed WhatsApp to state that it would not share private data publicly with Facebook unless both companies could do it under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.  .

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