Trend of Signal! Easily transfer Whatsapp group to Signal app

Trend of Signal!  Easily transfer Whatsapp group to Signal app
Trend of Signal!  Easily transfer Whatsapp group to Signal app

People annoyed by the new privacy policy of Facebook-owned Messenger WhatsApp (WhatsApp) are now increasingly moving towards other platforms.  In this list, the name of Signal app is still at the forefront.  In India, annoyed by the new WhatsApp policy, people are going to the encrypted messaging app Signal, but most users are facing the same problem of how to shift their old WhatsApp groups to the Signal app.  To solve the problems of new users, Signal tweeted and wrote that many people are asking how to transfer the chat of their WhatsApp groups to Signal?  For this, Signal has started a group link.

To easily transfer your WhatsApp group on the signal, the encrypted messaging app has designed four easy steps.  In its statement, the Signal app said that first of all create a new group on the user signal.  After that you go to the group settings and from there click on the group links.  Then turn on the group link and share it in the graps of your old messenger app.

Once the Group Invite link is received, Signal app users can share it in their old WhatsApp group, so that other members of the group can directly add themselves to the new Signal group. Meanwhile, the Signal app also said that their platform will soon  Is going to introduce new signal features in India.  The new signal feature will include features such as chat wallpapers, animated stickers, media auto-download settings for iOS, and full-screen profile photos.

What is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

Actually WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will be implemented from February 8 and the app has said that if users do not accept it, then their account will be automatically closed.  Under the new policy, WhatsApp can give its users’ Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) to Facebook, Instagram or any other third party.

Apart from this, WhatsApp will now collect information like battery level, signal strength, app version, browser information, language, time zone phone number, mobile and internet service provider company from your device.  They were not mentioned in the old privacy policy.

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