Signal App trending in India || Signal App Review real or fake

What is Signal App

Signal is primarily a secure and open source messaging app that replaces your Android phone or iPhone’s regular SMS app. Messages to and from other Signal users are sent over the internet and protected by very strong end-to-end encryption.

Signal App trending in India
Signal App trending in India

Signal app is just a messaging application available in India as well several other markets. The app is developed by United States’ Signal app Foundation. Signal is available on both Google Play store and Apple App store. As mentioned earlier, due to the spike in demand for WhatsApp alternatives in India, Signal app has topped the top apps chat on Google Play store and App store. The company claims that unlike WhatsApp, Signal app is a safe and secure messaging platform to use. All messages exchanged on Signal app are end-to-end encrypted

Signal App trending in India real or fake

Signal app gained popularity in India soon after WhatsApp announced its newly updated privacy policy. In the policy the company mentioned that it shares some of the user information with Parent company Facebook. Users seemed unhappy with the new policy and that’s how Signal app became the talk of the town.

Signal data stored .

When you use Signal, your data is stored in encrypted form on your devices. The only information that is stored on the Signal servers for each account is the phone number you registered with, the date and time you joined the service, and the date you last logged on.

Signal App trending in India
Signal App trending in India

Download Signal App on Android Device

Downloading Signal app on an Android phone involves downloading the app from Google Play and registering your phone using your telephone number. While some people object to registering using a phone number instead of an email address or anonymous username, doing it this way lets Signal app connect easily to your phone’s contact list. Another benefit to this approach is that it lets Signal app replace your phone’s built-in messaging app on Android devices.You can download an Android Signal APK here, and install the app that way, but Signal app recommends against it unless you are an advanced user with special needs that would justify doing so.

Signal App trending in India
Signal App trending in India

Signal App Company information.

In 2013,Moxie Marlinspike (real name Matthew Rosenfeld)founded Open Whisper Systems to develop the Signal app and protocol. In 2018,Marlinspike and Brian Acton founded Signal app Messenger, LLC, to take over the development of both the Signal app and the Signal Protocol.Signal app Messenger,LLC is funded by the Signal app Technology Foundation (aka Signal app Foundation), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.All products of the Signal app Foundation are published as free and open-source software.

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