Flipkart 15th Anniversary gift Real or Fake full details and review

Flipkart 15th Anniversary gift Real or Fake full information

we will check a link which claims that Flipkart is giving free gifts on its flipkart 15th anniversary. We are sure that you have questions about today’s topic, such as what is Flipkart 15th Anniversary Celebration?, Is Flipkart is giving any free 15th anniversary gift?, Is Flipkart 15th Anniversary Link is fake or real?, Flipkart 15th Anniversary Gift Link is safe or not? and many more others.
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Details Viral Flipkart 15 Anniversary link:

When we review that link we found that the above link is redirecting its users to a suspicious website. It claims that you can get Free smartphone and other prizes after completing the given tasks in the webpage.

So friends the question is that the link is forwarded on social media is officially from Flipkart or not?.

No, it is not. Because when we made a review we found that currently Flipkart is not running these type of anniversary program.

If they conducts any competition then you can find it on their official website.

So, the link is forwarded on whats app is safe or not and it is going to give you any reward?. No that link is not safe and not going to give you any gift.
We strongly recommend to you stay away from that suspicious link and not to click it, because it may cause data loss.

If anyone click on the link then there is a chances of Data Leak and Fraud.
If you have clicked on the link by mistake, then your personal and banking data is at risk of being leaked. So if you want to save your data from leaking then contact us on Instagram

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