facebook new name news Real or fake complete review

facebook new name news Real or fake 

Social media company Facebook has finally changed its name.The new name of Facebook has been announced by the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook will now be known worldwide as Meta.

Let us tell you that the talk of changing the name of Facebook was going on for a long time. But it used to get stuck on what the name would be. Although, the name of Meta had appeared before this too, but now this name has been stamped.

It is being said that Mark Zuckerberg wanted Facebook to be rebranded for a long time. He wanted to give a distinct identity to the company. Following this path, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his platform.Facebook is focusing on creating a metaverse through which a different world ie virtual world will be created.

Why change Facebook name change meta

The name has been suggested by Facebook’s former Civic Integrity Chief Samidh Chakraborty. As it is being told that Mark Zuckerberg has been investing in virtual reality and augmented reality for a long time. So this name is quite common. In such a situation, with the new name it has become clear that the company does not want to be limited to only one social media platform.

The company has not only changed the name but has also provided employment options to the people. The company will provide about 10 thousand jobs. These jobs will help create the virtual world of the metaverse.The company has not only changed the name, but the company has also kept the privacy of the users in mind. Mark Zuckerberg has said that in the coming time, the company will provide many types of safety controls for the users.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that he is changing the name of his company to Meta Platforms Inc. Regarding the rebranding, Zuckerberg said that the Facebook name does not include everything that the company does now. Zuckerberg has given Meta the form of a ‘virtual environment’. Earlier, Facebook had announced that it would publish financial results for augmented and virtual reality separately. In this new world of Facebook, the Metaverse, people can meet, work and play using virtual reality headsets.

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