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If you are not getting the best internet speed even after having full 4G mobile network in the area, then speed can be improved by changing some settings. Many users are not aware that many apps on their device are using data in the background and due to this the internet speed they receive slows down.
4G users in India have a large telecom market share and most users have internet access on 4G smartphones. If you also have 4G sim and smartphone then you are not necessarily getting the best 4G speed. There can be many reasons for this and by changing some settings of the device, you can improve internet speed. If you are a Reliance Jio, Vodafone-Idea or Bharti Airtel user, then you can get better 4G speed by changing these settings in the device.
Select Best Network Type
In any smartphone, you can choose network type. For this, you have to go to the settings of the phone and tap on ‘Network Settings’. Here in Preferred Network Type you have to select 4G or LTE. After this your network will not shift to 3G or 2G. This way you will continue to get the best speed.
Monitor data usage
Many times you get low speed because of the data being used in the background. With the help of many apps and going to the data settings, you can see which app in the phone is using the most data. If not necessary, you can turn off background data access for that app.
Clear Cache
Cache files are stored in the phone for long time. Due to such files, not only your phone, 4G internet also becomes slow. It is important that you clear the Cache present in the phone at least once in 7-10 days. For this, help of auto-cleaner apps can also be taken.
Set best APN
Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea have different access point network (APN) settings. You can check whether the APN is right for your telecom service provider by going into the network settings of the device. If the correct speed is not coming, then Reset to default can be done by going to the APN Settings menu.
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